Saturday, September 22, 2012

Dare to be You

What makes you different?
Is it the sound of your voice
or your absence felt?
Or your constant reminder
to society that you're an individual
because you make a scene everywhere
you go, without any reason at all.

What makes you special?
Is it the heart that dives in
to every problem that you see
hoping to see a change in humanity?
Or the fact that your only
concern is me, me, me.

What makes you real?
Is it your genuine smile
or your patience to hear?
or the fact that you would
hurt anyone because your
sharp mouth is "honest"?

What makes you loyal?
Is it your praying heart and
loving friendships?
or your misguiding advice
that's back-stabs anyone to make
yourself look better- all in the justification
that you have their best interest.

What sets you apart?
Is it your creativity and giving back
to a human race that needs the hope?
or your selfish acts of gain that you choose
to keep to yourself until the highest
bidder steps in.

What makes you stylish?
Is it your own flavor and touch
or creativity were you can transform
others around you?
or is it the regurgitated fashion world
telling you what to wear and how to wear
it, but not until your told who wore it best.

What makes you an innovator?
A leader?

What makes you an individual?
A dime-a-dozen?

What makes you, you?
What makes you matter?
What makes you stand out?

Be you, so you can answer them
because only you can.


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