Monday, February 11, 2013

Love Hard

So this weekend was one of the most emotional weekends I've ever had. It consisted of 2 major events: a funeral of a dear friend & a wedding of 2 friends that I've known for over 15 years. Celebrating one's memorable, short-lived life and celebrating the joining of two remarkable lives. Reminiscing on smiles, laughs, inside jokes, last encounters; reminiscing of childhood memories, trials, & how quickly time goes by. Overall, I realized how simple & beautiful life really is. With the allotted amount of time that we each have, every moment, every second, every encounter should be accounted for. The people we choose to invest in and spend time with, the laughs we share, the dreams we pursue, should all be conscious and purposefully driven parts of our lives. Work hard, play hard, love hard. It's too short & precious to do anything less. ♥

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