Monday, October 22, 2012

Game Changers

Let's raise the standard & become the best we can be, sweet friends! 

 Women: We don't have to hurt each other, dumb down, reveal our bodies, or lower our standards for anyone! Always look at the intention of your actions. Women are such beautiful, powerful, loving creatures. We just need to help each other grasp our full potential with other loving, positive girlfriends. 

 *If you want attention remember, A respectable man loves a respectable woman (& vice versa). 

 Men: There is nothing wrong with being a smart, Godly, celibate, good guy. If you fail to reach your potential, check your surroundings. Nice guys finish first in my book! & why not soar and become a hero? That's what guys were meant to do :) 

 *I know this is the age were everyone is getting engaged, married, starting families, etc... but that's how life works. Most people eventually go down that route. So let's focus on bettering ourselves rather than worrying about something that is bound to happen in time. This is the peak of our lives! The age of influence and change! Looking for the next relationship is exactly what our generation doesn't need. We need game changers. 

 Let's challenge ourselves and others around us. #hopeforhumanity

<3 Helen

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